You need insurance!

Whether you are a fire-breathing entertainer, a comedian, or a juggling stilt walker; we’ve got you covered!  We know that you’re a professional and an expert at what you do.  We’re here to protect you just in case the unthinkable happens. 

Welcome to the Canadian Insurance for Canadian Performers!

As members – you have access to the most accommodating, highest coverage, and lowest costing performers insurance in the country! We even cover instructors that teach circus arts!

Membership costs only $50/year.

For those of you that are familiar with Specialty Insurance – this is a very similar umbrella liability policy. The Association carries the insurance policy and members have the opportunity to buy into it for their personal/professional use.

This is INDIVIDUAL insurance. We don’t have a set up for group insurance.

What we have to offer: 2 Million and 5 Million liability coverage in two different categories of risk – low and high (as determined by our underwriters)

Low Risk (ex: stilt walker, dancer, rolla-bolla, cyr wheel, unicycle, magician, etc)

2 Million – $400/year
5 Million – $450/year

High Risk (aerialists, fire performers/breathers, knife throwers)

2 Million – $500/year
5 Million – $550/year


First, our primary focus is on providing cost effective insurance solutions for the self-employed or small businesses operating within defined markets. This is a specialist scheme that benefits those working in the Entertainment, and Arts and Crafts industries throughout Canada.

Second, CCPA is a private business. Therefore, the team that runs our office has a personal stake in making the business a success. A success that can only be achieved by keeping clients happy. We are also a client and perform, as well! We know the business inside and out.

Third, the peace of mind that the insurance is underwritten by the BEST insurance company in the WORLD, is a well established and quality insurer with an A rating. There couldn’t be a better insurance company to provide insurance to us.

Who we cover Who we cover
Who we cover

Find out the different disciplines of performers that we cover.

Our Rates Our Rates
Our Rates

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File a Claim File a Claim
File a Claim

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Find out if you’re a high or low-risk discipline.