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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance is this?

This is an umbrella insurance policy that covers all INDIVIDUAL members of the Canadian Circus Performers Association. This is liability insurance that covers incidents concerning the venue and audience. For those that are familiar with Specialty Insurance in the US – this is pretty much the same as them – only BETTER!

Who is the broker and underwriter?

The broker is Shaw-McLean – they created the same sort of policy for the Roller-Derby Girls Leagues about 5 years ago.

The underwriter is Lloyd’s of London.

Is this good anywhere in Canada? Even Quebec?


Do you cover US or overseas Performances?

No – here’s why: Because the United States tend to be a more litigious country, and the insurance coverages, limits and procedures are vastly different than that of the Canadian policies and processes, the Lloyd’s of London syndicate is not comfortable being involved in international risks.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can perform in a year?


If I have an accident and injury myself, does this cover me?

No – that’s a different type of insurance that we don’t offer at this time. We may be talking to someone about it soon, though!

How much is membership to the Association?

$50/year. You renew your membership every year when you renew your insurance.

Why do I have to be a member of the Association?

The policy actually covers the Association. As members, you can buy into that coverage for your personal performing needs.

Who does this cover?

Pretty much everyone who performs in Canada! Please see the Low Risk Artist Disciplines and High Risk Artist Disciplines for a complete list of skills and what the premiums are for each category.

What doesn’t it cover?

Trackless trains, moonwalks, jump houses or other amusement rides and attractions, black henna, grandstand bleachers, hypnotist, performing with animals (note: magicians are allowed to perform with rabbits and doves). Audience participation is not allowed with whip cracking. Use of gun powder is not allowed. Rigging for other performers, zip line performances, fireworks and pyrotechnic devices.

What insurance do *I* need?

That’s completely dependent on what you do and where you perform. Choose your premium based on what you do (skills list) and what your clients/fire departments require from you. If you tour and perform across Canada – you may wish to get the maximum insurance for ease.

I teach some of the things that I perform - am I covered?

You sure are and at no extra cost!

I teach kids and my client is asking for "assault and sexual abuse" coverage. Is that included?

No – that would be a separate add-on and cost.

I need the higher level of insurance, how does that work?

You contact Shelly, our amazing broker at McLean & Shaw and let her know that you need a higher premium and you pay her the difference in cost between the two.

My client wants to be added to my insurance for this event – what do I do?

Fill in the “Additionally Insured” request form, email it to Shelly (email address is on the form) and she will send you a custom certificate that is good for performances at the same location that lasts as long as your insurance does!

I perform under a Sole Propriatorship/trademark name - is that insured too?

Yes, it is! Simply put your “legal name a/o trademark name” on the form and both are covered!

Didn’t get your question answered? Fire us an email!